Bouncy Stilts

In this world where people seek to prove that impossible is nothing but a sentence that can be unproved, more and more inventions have been coming up.  And yes, there have also been an attempt to prove that gravity can be negated, that people can fly freely up in the sky; and it wasn’t a failure. Now before you raise your eyebrow, be skeptical and say that flying is only possible in dreams, check these bouncy stilts first. Bouncy stilts have opened the possibility of bouncing and flipping and tossing up in the air like jumping on a trampoline, but minus the trampoline. Get it? It’s like having a pair of trampolines on your feet and, making you bounce-bounce-bounce all the way you want, anytime you want, without the need of going to bed to sleep and dream about it. So get ready to bounce with these bouncy stilts.

PowerStrider Shark (Black)

PowerStrider Shark (Black)


Here’s the perfect device for jumping acts or simply playful jumping.

This PowerStrider Shark (Black) is specially designed for advanced jumping stilts performers but you can also take advantage of them as tools for your jumping sport. Its spring-loaded boots technically produce straight upward movement, it can even make you jump as high as 6 feet above the ground.



Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ70 Adult Edition 153-178 lbs


Here’s an easy to grip and east to ride jumping stilts for everyone.

This Air-Trekker Jumping Stilts CZ70 Adult Edition 153-178 lbs works perfectly for people who can’t get enough of jumping. Its durable form makes it ideal for long-term use. Not only that, it’s beautiful and sophisticated design also makes it a priceless tool for stilts jumping.



Poweriser Jumping Stilt Classic 198-266 lbs

Hitech & C Co., Ltd. Of Korea once again comes up with a powerful tool to beat the pull of gravity with the Poweriser Jumping Stilt Classic 198-266 lbs. This Korean jumping stilts pride is the only choice of greenhorns and expert buffs alike.These stilts have been welcomed to the world of power bocking by people around the globe and continue to satisfy its wearer.

The shape of the Poweriser is simply perfect for those feet and legs itching to put the power on and bounce. To make these bouncy stilts an undeniable house favorite are the hard-wearing foot pad that are made from the strongest hard rubber. Not only jump with a kick of adrenaline, you also jump with ease and peace of mind knowing the stilts are superior quality. So don’t be afraid to defy the odds of flipping and bouncing and jumping as you are sure to land safely.