Crash Mats and Crash Pads

4’x8′ Gymnastics Tumbling Martial Arts V4 Folding MatJumping Stilt is such a competitive sport, you would need to find durable and firm mats, whether it is for the gym, home, or outdoor. Gymnastic mats are very helpful in keeping you safe especially when to beginners. The Gymnastics Tumbling Martial Arts 4 Folding Mat is  4’x8’x1-1/2″  when unfolded and  4’x2’x6″  when folded.   Weighing about 18 pounds, this mat is made of the best quality and high- density cross-linked polyethylene foam which is very solid and sturdy.  Mats made of this kind of foam are very qualified for professional and sport use.  There are Velcro fasteners on all four sides and could be connected side to side and end to end with other mats.


Mad Rock Hera Crash Pad - Blue

Mad Rock Hera Crash Pad – Blue

A soft and comfortable cushion that actually saves lives.

This Mad Rock Hera Crash Pad is the latest addition to the HERA Pad series. It is a bouldering pad that aids and supports women who fall from rock climbing. Not only does it save lives it is also effective in preventing the development of ovarian cancer for every traumatic fall.

Metolius Recon Crash Pad

Metolius Recon Crash Pad

A decent crash pad that promotes safety and provides cushion for accidental falls.

This Metolius Recon Crash Pad is a durable landing pad designed for extreme impact absorption. It collapses readily for either storage or transport making it ideal for travel outdoor fun. The design is compact enough for easy storage inside the house as well.