Jumping Boots

Are you up for the next challenge? Jumpstart a new and exciting adventure! Feel a different experience that the jumping boots can give you. The latest craze in games and sports nowadays are those that dare a person not only mentally but also physically. This is because more and more people are becoming conscious of their looks and personality. By engaging in physical challenging activities, you are undergoing a form of exercise which can make your body fit and healthy. In addition to that is the fun and enjoyment you can obtain from the sport which nothing can really ever compare. Jumping from the ground going up and landing down with your own two feet will give you a good feeling. Wearing the jumping boots further enhance your flying experience. A lot of boots are offered in the market. Here are some of those which you may consider and try.

Geospace Air Kicks - SR 2 Anti-Gravity Jumping Boot (Adj Lge)Geospace Air Kicks – SR 2 Anti-Gravity Jumping Boot


The perfect shoes for anti-gravity action at home or in the public.

This Geospace Air Kicks – SR 2 Anti-Gravity Jumping Boot (AdjLge) is the perfect device for advanced and high-end jogging, running, or even walking. The device primarily defies gravity while making every step a sure-fire fun-filled activity. You will simply never get tired with this device.

Trampit Kids Jumping Shoes

Trampit Kids Jumping Shoes


A fun and surprisingly fast way to jump, run, or race.

Want to have the coolest pair of shoes ever? Try Trampit Kids Jumping Shoes. The pair is specially designed with both advanced and aesthetic technology that makes bouncing and jumping a whole lot easier. They can even be used to make the coolest jumping or running tricks ever.



Moon Shoes Black

If your child loves to bounce off on a trampoline, why not get a mini trampoline that he can bring anywhere at anytime he wants? Get the optimum jumping experience with Moon Shoes Black! This is shoes in form, but you will be wowed by its functionality. It is like a personal trampoline you can transport anywhere to bring you a different jumping experience. It is easy to learn how to use the shoes, and when you have mastered it, surely you will have an exciting bouncing experience. These jumping boots are made of light weight materials and strong materials.They are constructed of heavy duty plastic. The boots can fit even up to a size 9 feet. They can hold up to a maximum weight of 180 pounds. Adjustable straps come along with the shoes. These can be adjusted so to fit anyone’s size. The jumping boots measure 9.8 x 10.1 x 13.6 inches and weighs 4.8 pounds.


Geospace Kickaroos - Anti-Gravity Jumping Boot (Large Kids)Geospace Kickaroos – Anti-Gravity Jumping Boot (Large Kids)

Feel the ultimate bouncing experience withGeospace Kickaroos!It is a type of jumping boots that defy gravity so you can have a smooth slide and high bounces. It is powered by original jumping jax technology which is helpful in obtaining a great jumping experience. It can hold a weight ranging from 99 to 143 pounds. These boots can be used indoor and outdoor.It will not leave any marks on the floor when you use them indoor since they have a non-marring base. It has adjustable straps that can be adjusted to any desired size to fit anyone’s feet. Create big jumps with these shoes! It has powerful rubber T-springs that will make you bounce as high as you want. No one can deny the absolute fun that it can give! The Kickaroos jumping boots has a measure of 12 x 4 x 15.5 inches, and it weighs 7 pounds.