Jumping Stilts: FAQs

Confused with what jumping stilts to buy? Or are you just confused with stilt jumping itself? These FAQs could help you determine what jumping stilts would best suit you.

Q. Are jumping stilts dangerous?

A. Any sport not performed correctly or performed without any kind of protective gear can be dangerous. Jumping stilts are sometimes used in extreme sports like Powerbocking and they should never be treated simply as toys. Always wear protective gear when using jumping stilts. There are also many different how-to videos that can teach beginners that basics of safely using jumping stilts. Check out these videos to learn more about selecting and properly using jumping stilts: Jumping Stilts Video Series.

Keep in mind that it is always important to consult the manufacturer’s manual to determine the “dos and don’ts” of using specific models of jumping stilts.

Q. Is it difficult to start learning stilt jumping?

A. There are several stilt jumps that are suitable for those who are only beginning to learn stilt jumping. There are entry level  jumping stilt models and also there are various how-to videos where you would be able to learn both entry level and advance level of stunts.  With regular practice, you would be able to get the bouncing stunts you need.

Q.  Why is weight range important when buying jumping stilts?

A. When using jumping stilts, the spring compresses and deforms because of the pressure. If there are too much pressure, the spring may deform and cause stilt failure.  This may lead to injury.  When buying jumping stilts, it is better to get something higher than your weight rating or weight range, to get stiffer springs.  Stiffer springs could give more height. It is better to get something above your weight range, getting something below your weight range should be completely avoided. Beginners are advised to stay within their weight range. They could get something above their weight range if they are close to top of their weight class.

Q.  Some jumping stilts claim to be made of fibreglass spring, while others carbon fiber spring. What’s the difference?

A. There are jumping stilt manufacturers that claim that carbon fiber springs are lighter, stronger and more springy.  However, there are still some top manufacturers that still use fibreglass spring. More tests should be conducted in order to get test what is better than this two springs. But for now, either of this two is good enough.

Q.  How long does a pair of jumping stilt last?

If you would be following the manufacturer’s manual and maintenance requirements then you would be definitely using your jumping stilts for a long time.  Aside from that, there are parts which can be replaced.  In addition to this, manufacturers would provide warranties for different parts of the jumping stilts for as long as one year, to ensure customer satisfaction and safety.