Adult Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise Shoes Bouncing (60-90KG) Black Silver Blue

Adult Jumping Stilts Fitness Exercise Shoes Bouncing (60-90KG) Black Silver Blue

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Product Description

High Strong Damping Device
1. Ergonomics design
Kangoo-Jumps design complied with ergonomics, really suitable for sports, It improves safety and comfort effectively based on reasonable design for releasing force of impacting, pushing and transition.
2. Running and jumping simultaneously
It uses bionics theory, imitates kangoo's leg, generates powerful elasticity, lets human jump higher and run longer.
3. Silicon rubber damper
Using silicon rubber damper, and setted in every pressure point regularly, make sure sufficient comfort and relax when doing exercise.

spring plate and aluminum parts:
Spring is made from fiber with high tenacity, and imported from Germany. Every spring costs 20 minutes of being compressed by mould machine.
It reaches 10,000 times of jumping test consistently, It's also convinced to pass countless tireness test.
our aluminum parts are the hardest ones in market, if not so tough, they are easy to change shape and become dangerous after HD pressure of users,
but that problems will never be happened on our aluminum parts.


  • Material: magnesium alloy, plastic, glass fiber
  • Size- 88mm height, 44mm from footboard to ground approximately
  • CE certified it indicate this jump stilts is safe to play
  • Package included: 1 pair shoes + Instructions.