G-max Junior Jumping Shoes Boots for Kids, to 110lb(size Flexible,just on Your Weight)

G-max Junior Jumping Shoes Boots for Kids, to 110lb(size Flexible,just on Your Weight)

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G-Max Shoes(exporting name)
Whether for jogging, running or even walking,G-max Shoes defy gravity with every fun-filled step. They are so easy to balance on, soon they'll be bounding around like an astronaut on the moon. it's easy to burn calories, build fitness, coordination and strengthen leg muscles.

G-max Shoes are unisex. Young & old and men & women to use easily and safely. Fun & very Low impact workout that burns 2x the calories in 1/2 the time

Easy to use!: With your shoes on, Just put on the Jumping Shoes and fasten the belt strap

- In Door : Fitness Center,Running machine, Dancing, Jumpping exercise
- Out Door : Running, Jogging, Walking etc,.

1.For indoor or outdoor use
2.Easy to fit and easy to use
3.The fun way to keep healthy and fit
4.Burns more calories than normal exercise, Burn more calories than normal exercise in the same time
5.Low Impact Activity for Weight Loss, Muscle Training, Core Workout for all fitness
6.Simply slip over athletic shoes
7.lowest impact shoes"
8.Effective for health, fitness, improve blood circulation, and no limited by place and age.


  • Exercise For 10 minutes Exercise
  • A shock-Absorbing Device(Ball and Flexible Spring),Powered by patented Prozarx®T&Ball technology to relieve the shock
  • Reflector System On Back Side For using night
  • Easy to use! G-Max Jumps Is One-Size-Fits-All. They can be tighten down to your Shoes&Foot size by adjusting the Shoes Belt(Strap) and Screw of on the side of Jumps. Flexible on your shoes size! Your foot size With your shoes on!
  • You can see video)