Spring Stilts

Thinking about exercising to lose weight? Why not try the latest trend in physical training? Spring stilts will help you reduce your weight by burning your calories and fats found inside the body as you do the exercise. Aside from that, it is also a good way of learning new skills. The stilt will allow you to enhance your balancing skills and coordination so that you can stand upright as you get moving around. It will exercise your muscles which you have not worked out for long years. A lot of benefits, right? If you are used to doing same things again and again, you can have your own stilts to try a different experience. For sure, you will love the fun it brings while keeping your body fit and healthy. There are many types of spring stilt you can choose from. The following are some of those which you may try and consider.

Poweriser Jumping Stilt Classic 158-198 lbs


More people opt to try new and challenging activities. Are you one of them? Then, have your own spring stilts! Poweriser Jumping Stilt Classic is a top quality jumping stilt you can purchase at an affordable price. It has a thick aluminum frame with a durable and fine quality fiberglass leaf. It can sustain a weight between 158 to 198 pounds. Manufactured by Hitech & C Co., Ltd. of Korea, Pow, you can assure that this product is sturdy and long lasting. The stilt has a warranty that lasts for 12 months.

This product has a weight of 39.6 pounds. You will gain more payback than the money you have paid for it! This can be an alternative sport and exercise that can keep your body active and healthy. At the same time, it gives you pleasure as you perform your daily stilt routine. A great offer indeed! Buy them now!


Poweriser Jumping Stilt Youth Red 66-110 lbsPoweriser Jumping Stilt Youth Red 66-110 lbs

A chic jumping stilts contraption designed to provide extreme jumping motion with ease.

Made of high-quality materials, this Poweriser Jumping Stilt Youth Red 66-110 lbs is not your typical jumping stilts. It works well in extreme and intense exercising and in other alternative sports. With its state-of-the-art technology one can freely jump as high as 7 feet and or run 20 miles per hour.